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The Christmas Eve Parcel Story…

For Tiedwithstring founder, Sarah Bray, Christmas Eve is the most magical day of the year. As a mummy to two little boys she decided that she wanted to bring a little bit of extra magic and sparkle to the day as well as creating special memories and a family tradition. Technology is at the forefront of our children’s lives, however Sarah wanted to bring back the magic that will be remembered forever and passed down to generations. From this the ‘Christmas Eve Parcel’ was born!

So, on Christmas Eve her boys received a very special parcel from the North Pole from the elves. Beautifully packaged in brown paper and tied up with string, with an elf postage stamp, printed postal mark and a label with the childrens’ names and addresses.

The parcels can be left by the fireplace, under the tree or (as Sarah did) on the front doorstep at dusk, with a knock at the door!

The parcels are lined in spotty tissue paper and sealed with a sticker, once you open the tissue there is a selection of items to excite the children and make the evening cosy and calm.